Bournemouth Coastal BID has launched the Monster Hero Safari trail in its seven areas;

There are 10 monsters who can be found on the windows of participating businesses and families are being encouraged to locate them all and help raise money for the NHS.

The areas are Tuckton, Pokesdown, Southbourne, Boscombe, East Cliff and West Cliff, Seafront and Westbourne.

Fiona McArthur from the Coastal BID said: “This is a fun way of attracting families back to our areas.

“There are 10 monsters to collect and when you have all of them you get an e-book.

“It costs just £2 to play and all the money goes to NHS Charities Together, and the aim is to raise £100,000 from the 100 BIDS and councils taking part.”

The cute and colourful Monster Heroes can be collected on a smart phone; they just need to be tapped or scanned.

This provides information about them such as their name, story and superpower.

Coordinating the national project is Martin Blackwell, former CEO of ATCM and the Charity Retail Association.

He said: “When I heard about the concept it just resonated with me and I knew I had to support it. I loved the idea of heroes, the idea of a safari on the high street.

“I just thought, if something fun like this can help make families feel good about going back out onto the high street and raise money for such a worthy cause then let’s go for it.”

To learn more about the story-trail please go to