THE ANVIL Rockbar in Bournemouth has announced that they will be reopening on Thursday night.

Whilst the bar on Holdenhurst Road will not be able to host live music for its relaunch event, The Anvil will be welcoming back customers with a fresh new look.

The bar will operate on a first come, first serve basis, but have also opened up their downstairs seating area to accommodate customers and stick to social distancing guidelines, and tables with be a maximum of six people.

In a statement written on their Facebook page, owners of The Anvil said: “It's finally happened. After months of video games, Joe Wicks workouts, and garden tanning, we are back

“We've been working hard to adjust the bar to the ways of COVID 19, and as we now have a system in place to keep the government happy, we are ready to reopen.

“We've also done some sprucing up, to make the bar feel a bit cosier, and inviting, which will hopefully make this weird transition more bearable.”

Customers will need to provide their details to staff as part of the NHS Track and Trace scheme and collect drinks from the bar one at a time, only if the allocated spaces to order are free.

People have been advised not to queue and instead wait at their tables until a space becomes free.

Sanitiser station will be situated near the entrance, for customers to sanitise their hands upon arrival, and throughout the bar. Regular cleaning will also be carried out by staff, to maintain health and safety standards.

The bar will also have a selection of over 100 spirits returns, however their selection of beers is limited to what is available from suppliers due to Covid-19.

Live gigs are still be off the cards, for the time being, but owners of The Anvil are looking into ways to make this happen in the coming weeks.

Owners of The Anvil added: “Thank you to everyone for their patience, and support whilst we've been away.

“We will have lots more positive changes and initiatives in the coming months, so in some ways, we see this as a great opportunity for a fresh beginning, and a relaunch, rather than just re-opening.”