A CHERRY Tree Lodge Care Home resident celebrated a milestone birthday last week, in the town she has always been drawn to.

Margaret Wolfe, otherwise known as Peggy. turned 100 on Sunday, July 26.

Peggy spent the majority of her life travelling the world and embarking on new adventures, which included living, working and returning to Bournemouth.

She moved to Wimborne Hill aged 11 with her twin sister Betty and younger sister Helen and attended the Bournemouth School for Girls, where she was games captain.

Following the completion of her education, Peggy did some private nannying for a local surgeon and his children.

This inspired her to train as a nursery nurse in 1941 at The Hants and Dorset training centre, where she met her best friend Enid who also celebrated her 100 birthday earlier this year.

The pair stayed together until Peggy moved back to Bournemouth and purchased a house in Westbourne, where she started her own nursery with her twin Betty.

Peggy's nursery took children from all walks of life and is where she met her daughter Rebecca Davies, who she adopted.

Peggy later got married to her partner Peter Wolfe, a cable engineer, and the family travelled and lived in a variety of places including Bermuda, Tanzania and Nairobi for Peter's work.

The gallivanting pair also lived in Cornwall, the British West Indies and Gambia before buying a home in Wick near Christchurch.

Despite frequently moving, Peggy kept up with her favourite extracurriculars and sports.

Rebecca said: "Mum played tennis since she was six until she was 97. She was a member of a club wherever she has lived. Mum continued to play tennis after dad died in 2006, she was at a local club for years. She also continued bowling at the Boscombe Cliff Bowling Club. Mum joined the Tuckton Social Club where she learnt to play table tennis."

Rebecca has been spent the past two weeks with her mother before her sister Alison arrived on Saturday, July 25 to take over the birthday celebrations.

She said: "Mum still has that spark - we've had some incredible times together in the past few days. It's a shame that all this has happened when it's her 100 birthday, but for mum having company is more important than having stuff. There can't be more than two people visiting her in the home but we're just being there with her. It's very valuable."