I REFER to the very sad passing of Councillor Parrish and the effect this may have on our council.

Although his colleagues must be mourning his passing, it cannot have escaped them that this, along with the death of Councillor Bungey earlier this year, has dramatically altered the political balance of the council. The Unity Alliance was bought together in 2019 and whilst has been considered successful, no longer has the numbers to survive key votes. It begs the question as to what happens next. With the next local by-elections nearly a year away, we cannot afford whilst in the middle of a global pandemic to not have clear leadership.

It seems to me there are only two options available, although I fear the alliance will be against either.

1. The Unity Alliance accepts the Conservatives’ previous offer of partnership and allows them some cabinet seats. They are now the largest sitting party by some margin, in the following months they will become impossible to ignore. This route will allow the Unity Alliance to continue to hold power at the top.

2. Failing the first option, a vote of no confidence should be held at the earliest opportunity. At the last vote, the motion fell by the chairman’s deciding vote, should all members vote the same way this motion would now pass.

I understand this letter is very close to the passing of Cllr Parrish. However the threat of a second wave of Covid-19 still looms large, and the council needs to be in a position of strength to deal with the consequences.


Ashley Road, Parkstone