POOLE based manufacturer and retailer SynchGo have recorded tripled sales of their bikes during lockdown.

Bournemouth based directors, Chris Mooney and Matt French, collaborated over two years ago to create a retro-style electric bicycle.

The company released their first e-bike, the Super Monkey, in June 2019 and have had the biggest surge in sales in the last three months during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chris said: “We knew that electric bikes had a favourable future but could never have predicted how the lockdown and changes in public transport perception for example could have impacted sales, that along with the Government’s £250m investment into local authority improvements for cycling and walking facilities of course.

“We have tripled sales of the bike in the last three months – you don’t have to travel far in the South before you will come across a Super Monkey either commuting, enjoying a long beach ride or being talked about if it is parked up.

“The weather has been so kind to those outdoor activities that were allowed, which of course included and encouraged cycling.”

SynchGo have two sizes of Super Monkey on offer, a 250w and 750w bike, which have a 30- to 50-mile battery capacity.

The bike's battery can be charged with a five hour cycle or removed and charged in the home.

SynchGo is soon to launch more products, imminently a long wheelbase version of the Super Monkey, allowing a passenger, storage or a baby seat.