AS a lifelong Cherries fan, I would like to say a huge thank you to Eddie Howe, the management and all the playing staff for five fantastic years of life in the Premier League.

Never in all my years would I have thought it possible that we would ever get there, let alone stay there for as long as we did.

Clearly a huge disappointment that we have now been relegated so let us all hope and pray that there will not be huge changes at the club and we can soon get back to winning ways in the Championship under the leadership and direction of our fantastic manager and gentleman Eddie Howe.

Without him at the helm, our journey over the past 10 years would not have happened. Let us all hope and keep all our fingers crossed that that Max Demin, Jeff Mostyn and the board have the good sense to keep Eddie here. He is clearly the fans’ favourite choice for this club going forward.

Can’t wait for next season.


Maxwell Road, Bournemouth