TWO brothers decided to set up their own barbershop in the height of lockdown.

Rufus Geary, 27, and younger brother Jude Khiari, 19, decided to “take the plunge” and start their own barbershop, Rude, in Calvin Road, Bournemouth.

Rufus said: “The name came from Rufus and Jude making Rude, and ‘rude’ nowadays means something is quite cool.

“I started doing women’s hair when I was 14, then I worked in Bournemouth at Scissors for nine years, then I worked in London doing session stylists like at London Fashion Week.

“Over lockdown, it was one of those times, if I don’t do something now I will never do it. That was basically it.

“To me, family-run local businesses I really appreciate, rather than high street shops.

“Everyone knows everyone, and everyone looks after everyone.

“That is why we have come together, it is also quite nice to work with my younger brother.”

Rufus said the process of setting up a business during lockdown was both stressful and brilliant.

“I have had lots of family and friends help,” he continued.

“We have friends who are floor layers, we have solely relied on friends and family to put the shop together.”

Speaking about building a clientele for the business, Rufus said: “Luckily I have a really big clientele and basically my brother worked in a barbershop in Fordingbridge.

“What we are doing is things like recommend a friend and they get a discount, we will put in discounts for NHS, loyalty cards so if you come in on your fifth hair cut you get a free product and your tenth haircut is free.

“I don’t think many places do that.”

The barbershop opened earlier in July, and Rufus described the first day as “amazing”.

He said: “It was really good, I have always wanted to have my own shop.

“Location is a massive part, everything on the high street is so expensive.

“My father-in-law drove past this shop, the landlord is really nice, he has been fantastic.”