I HAVE read with interest the recent letters and BCP council comments in the Echo regarding the state of the cemeteries in the BCP area.

I have just returned from the Parkstone cemetery after attending the grave of my wife’s parents and to say the state of the cemetery is a disgrace would be an understatement. The grass is so high that in places it totally obliterates the gravestones.

There is a lodge at the entrance to the cemetery and it is permanently occupied – presumably by the caretaker. Why can’t the caretaker get out and trim the grass?

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During my previous visit there about three weeks ago I spoke to a council employee who was leaning against a council pick-up truck with his arms folded and just watching the world slowly drift by. When I asked him if he was there to cut the grass, he informed me that it wasn’t his job to do so and when I asked him whose job it was to cut the grass he just looked at me and said it was out of his hands.

And now we read that Vikki Slade is going to waste hard-earned taxpayers money on unconscious bias training for all the staff. What a pathetic waste of money. It would be far better spent on keeping all parts of our towns clean and tidy.


Dorchester Road, Oakdale