I DISAGREE strongly with the views expressed in the letter to the editor ‘Loss of parking at Evening Hill’ written by Cllrs May Haines and Tony O’Neill (July 18).

My flat overlooks Evening Hill. There are many cyclists who use the new protected cycle lane throughout the day. Indeed, just about all cyclists heading from Poole centre towards Sandbanks – and there are indeed many – have to return this same way. I see now whole families that can cycle up the hill safely. Road safety should clearly be our number one priority and safety does not need consultation.

In the past, some motorists were considerate to cyclists on this stretch of road but many others were not. Their impatience, combined with the fact that some cyclists are unsteady riding uphill, meant that many cyclists either dismounted out of fear of being hit or chose to cycle on the pedestrian pavement. At last cyclists can cycle up the hill in peace and safety.

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This is the only cycle route from Poole centre to Sandbanks along the harbour. Cyclists do not have a choice of route. In contrast, watersports enthusiasts can choose from literally miles of access to Poole Harbour, including in the direct vicinity of the safe shallow waters at the base of Evening Hill. The many water sports schools there have no difficulty in launching their craft.

The less mobile have lost easy access to Evening Hill but there are many other places in our town where they can enjoy accessible harbour or sea views. Disabled bays could be provided in Crichel Mount Road and Alington Road if this is considered an issue.

Evening Hill is indeed a beauty spot and should be kept as such. One added benefit of removing the parking has been a vast reduction in illegal barbecues.

A quick walk around reveals many telltale patches of scorched earth and heat damaged picnic tables. I have even seen big barbecue sets wheeled out of vans!

The protected cycle lane is a very welcome innovation. Make it permanent please.


Sandbanks Road, Poole