A BEACH goer described the moment a fire broke out of a beach hut at Durley Chine as “spectacular”.

Shortly before 4pm on Monday a beach hut near to the West Cliff fire broke out, spreading up the cliff.

Fire crews attended along with police who cordoned off the area. The fire was out by approximately 5.30pm, but the cordon remained in place and fire crews damped down the area.

Edward Ford, from Bournemouth, told the Daily Echo: "You must have been able to see the smoke for miles.

"We were in a section of beach a lot closer but police moved everyone away. It looked pretty spectacular at one point, the flames were about 20ft high."

Smoke engulfed the surrounding area and people were urged to keep doors and windows closed.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Georgie FoyPicture: Georgie Foy

Linda Roberts was with her family on the beach when the fire broke out.

She said: "We saw the flames and smoke just tear up the cliffside. People were saying it started in one of the huts, but I couldn't say for sure."