A MAN who has designed a fantasy-style map of Dorset has asked for local people to help him fill in the gaps.

Chris Birse, who runs the Facebook page Fantasy World Maps, is working on a ‘Lord of the Rings’ style depiction of Dorset and is looking for aid from members of the Dorset public to help him with any hidden gems he may have missed.

He has completed half of the map and is now looking for Dorset residents to help him identify any cairns, barrows, ruins or even any ancient wonders.

Mr Birse said: “I'm not actually from the area, so I've been posting in groups asking for feedback because they know the area far better than I do.

“I know it is fantasy, but I still want it to be an accurate reflection of what's there.

"The more the merrier in terms of reader contributions.”

Mr Birse, who currently resides in Teeside, has been creating maps of this style over the past two years. He is currently working his way through the English counties.

He continued: "It started because I was writing a novel and I needed a map for it, but I'm quite tight and didn't want to pay anyone to do it so I thought I'll have a go myself. I really enjoyed the process of making the map and it snowballed from there really.

"I drew one for my home region and got a lot of good feedback so I decided I would try to do a map of every county in the country.

"I've done Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Cumbria so far, so this will be my fifth county.

"I think I'll just keep going along the south coast, there's so much history compared to what we have up north.

"The Dorset map has been the most popular so far in terms of feedback, I've posted in a lot of local groups and have received a lot of great suggestions.

"People can suggest anything they want, it depends what they would like to see included.”

If anyone has any suggestions for additions to the map, visit Mr Birse’s Facebook page, Fantasy World Maps, and send him a message.