A YOUNG driver who was clocked at 121mph on the A35 was described as 'thoughtless and idiotic' by police.

He was caught by Dorset Police's No Excuse Team as they continue to crack down on rogue motorists across the county.

A spokesman for the team said: "A 20-year-old Ford Fiesta ST driver who has just paid £2,000 for his insurance, thinks it will be more now. We also think it will be.

"After we recorded him at a 121mph on the A35 dual carriageway. What can we say? Dangerous, thoughtless, madness, idiotic, stupid, crazy, no excuse etc.

"He also had a friend in the car, who didn't seem concerned about the risks. What would their families think? Have we prevented a collision? (At 121mph it would have been fatal).

"He also stated he wasn't sure of the speed, as he was concentrating on the road. He did show remorse, apologising and accepting it was his fault by saying 'I've only got myself to blame'. "However why risk it, if your licence means so much?

"It's a shame as he was polite and clearly proud of his car. He clearly didn't think of the consequences on this occasion.

"To note since passing his test three years ago this was his first time he'd been stopped for speeding. Is that because he's been sensible or lucky? He also asked a few times if he would be banned.

"We are not sure it will be for a magistrate to decide."