THE BRIDGE in Christchurch has finally been cleared after a Morebus and Yellow Bus became stuck on trying to pass each other.

Temporary diversions were put in place as the number 1 Yellow Bus and the number 24 Morebus caused an obstruction on the small bridge over the River Avon at midday today.

Morebus say that the driver of their double decker bus had to take "evasive action" and couldn't prevent the "minor collision".

No passengers or pedestrians were found to have been injured.

Bournemouth Echo:

Neither bus service were able to serve Christchurch highstreet and Morebus’ number 24 service has had to be redirected along Stony Lane.

An investigation by Morebus and Yellow Bus is ongoing into how the incident occurred.

Both bus services worked hard to provide relief and, almost three hours later, the two buses were freed and the route is now running as usual. 

Morebus general manager David Heckles said: “One of our buses came together with a Yellow Buses vehicle earlier today in Bridge Street, Christchurch.

"We are investigating the incident but early indications suggest our driver attempted to take evasive action when the other vehicle arrived at the bridge, and was unable to avoid a minor collision. No passengers or pedestrians were injured.

“Our bus sustained some damage but we were able to complete the service, and the route is now running to time.”