WHILE we support the principle of greener modes of transport, the Evening Hill scheme referred to in your article has not given consideration to other user groups to the area.

Evening Hill is a valued beauty spot where many people visit to take in the magnificent view. The nearby slipway is frequently used by water sports enthusiasts.

Those learning to windsurf or paddle board favour this location due to its shallow waters making it a safe environment for beginners. This is the only publicly accessible slipway in the Lilliput area.

Less mobile residents are particularly upset as the parking bays which provide safe access to Evening Hill viewpoint will be removed. Water sports enthusiasts including families with children, are concerned about losing easy access to the public slipway.

While it is possible to park in nearby roads, the reality of carrying water sport equipment while watching out for your children crossing the road, is simply not practical.

From our observation these past two weeks, some cyclist dismount and push their bicycles up the hill. Motorists are considerate of those that do cycle up. Overall, there were not many cyclists. This is a scheme with Cllr Hadley has supported for some years and has taken advantage of the fact that implementing this scheme under the Emergency Active Travel initiative circumvents the need to consult.

With such a sensitive stretch of road, used by many different groups, a short consultation period would have been welcome. Instead, residents feel they have been denied the opportunity to be heard. So much for the open and transparent council administration.


Canford Cliffs & Penn Hill Wards