A DRIVER has been fined after his car was left with its engine running while he went shopping.

Officers caught the Range Rover on Corfe Road, in Stoborough, was found unattended, unlocked, with keys inside and the engine running.

The male driver was out of sight and located in the shop close by, and came back to his car with his arms full of shopping, according to police.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said on social media: "We don't deal with the offence of quitting often, as most people wouldn't risk it for obvious reasons.

"When we asked him why, he didn't seem phased by the consequences or risks and didn't really see a problem with it.

"We, however, feel it is important to educate drivers to the obvious risks and the consequences of it. From it being stolen, to would the insurance company pay out?"

The driver was issued a £50 non-endorsable fixed penalty.