PLANS to extend a solar farm that would power around 6,000 homes are in the works.

The existing land, based at North Farm to the south of Blandford St Mary, could be extended by up to 75 acres and deliver 20 megawatts of energy.

It is thought that the extension will be largely hidden behind hedges, and that it plans to be built on "poorer quality farmland", according to estate agent and applicant Savills.

Savills is known for previously securing planning consent for a renewable energy hub in South Wales two years ago.

The site is believed to be well-suited to the proposed development, as there is a viable point of connection and capacity on the local electricity grid.

A spokesperson for Savills said: "We have selected land which is grade 3B or lower and is therefore poorer agricultural land with lower yield than best and most versatile land.

"The scheme also represents farm diversification for the landowner and an important, stable ground rental income stream that will support the farm and help it to remain viable in challenging economic times."

The solar farm is being extended in a bid to combat the effects of climate change, to meet European targets on renewable energy deployment, and secure home-grown energy without reliance on foreign energy markets.

"We have identified this site as a potentially suitable location for a renewable energy development which can contribute positively to the UK's transition from imported fossil fuels to home grown de-carbonised green energy and help reverse the effects of climate change and protect future generations," the spokesperson added.

The plans have not yet been submitted to the council, and the application period will then run for around 13 weeks.

A virtual consultation will be launched on Monday July 13 where people can comment on the plans.

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