OVER 500 people have had their say on Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne stating that face masks are a “monstrous imposition”.

This follows the government announcement that details the requirement of wearing face masks when shopping, which will be introduced on July 24.

Those going shopping need to have their nose and mouth covered or risk a £100 fine.

Over 500 comments have been made on the Daily Echo’s Facebook page so far.

Here are just 15 of the comments posted by our readers.

1. There are many who have been avoiding the shops because we haven’t felt safe to. If everyone wears a mask, we will all be safer.

2. He (Desmond) is right. Most ordinary surgical and home-made masks won't do much in the face of fine-particle transmission, the evidence for which is becoming more clear. Only the very best respirator masks will do anything about that.

3. If there is the slightest chance that wearing a face covering in shops could make a difference then as sensible, compassionate adults shouldn’t we be doing it?

4. What an arrogant statement. Why not look at all the countries that took this more seriously and how much safer they are now. Masks in shops keeps people aware and is no hindrance.

5. Finally, the masks will be compulsory in the shops! Why not on the streets as well, that will make us feel safer and keep the second wave at bay, hopefully!

6. Respect for the NHS staff who have had to save lives 24-7, 365 days of the year. Pop a mask on.

7. “A monstrous imposition”, what a stupid comment! I've been wearing a face mask for shopping since March and I believe they reduce risk and make other people feel more comfortable.

8. I don't understand why so many people are making such a big drama about wearing a face mask! Protect yourself, protect other people and if it helps somebody else that may be more vulnerable than yourself feel more secure, just do it. Stop making drama out of it and stop being selfish and get on with it. We are all in the same boat.

9. Well if he doesn't like wearing the face mask he is definitely not going to like the ventilator that comes afterwards.

10. Nothing like a MP to encourage you to support local shops - NOT!

11. What a selfish thing to say but totally typical coming from a Tory. 60,000 dead are not enough for this pompous fool. Do they ever take any responsibility for what they have done to this country? He should be thrown in jail for encouraging the public to not wear masks but no, just because it’s another Eton Swill he can say and do what he likes.

12. What is MONSTROUS is sentencing someone to death just because he won’t wear a mask. I don’t think it’s very gentlemanly of him at all!

13. Perfect. Shopping assistants, customers and any responsible citizen will appreciate unmasked people like you not coming in.

14. And this is why people think they can get away without following guidelines. It's a face covering for goodness sake, nobody is asking us to walk around naked or upside down!

15. Well, obviously he didn't lose anyone to this dreadful illness. What a cringeworthy and horrible comment for those that have lost loved ones.