A DORSET company will supply American-built yachts with a state-of-the-art 3D imaging system that gives sailors a clear view of the seabed and hazards lurking underwater.

Marine Components International was picked to provide the EchoPilot 3D sonar system to US boatbuilder Fleming Yachts.

The Poole-based company became an international distributor for the Forward-Looking 3D (FLS 3D) system last November.

Fleming Yachts will fit the system to its Fleming 65 cruising yacht, currently being built at the Tung Hwa boatyard near Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan.

MCI managing director Andy Scott said: “MCI has always partnered with world-class manufacturers in order to supply our clients with products of the highest quality. EchoPilot’s FLS 3D sonar system is a strong and popular addition to our range.

“Fleming Yachts are renowned for their high-quality build and attention to detail, so I am delighted they have selected the EchoPilot to be fitted to their latest 65. These vessels are meticulously designed to be the ultimate cruising yachts, combining practicality, safety and comfort.

“The inclusion of the FLS 3D with its ability to map a vessel’s surroundings in real time will no doubt prove invaluable, especially when cruising off the beaten track.”

MCI says that while 2D sonars can only show what lies directly below and what has already passed a boat’s keel – usually with a significant time lag – the FLS 3D shows the underwater scene up to 200 metres ahead of the hull and 100 metres below.

Its 20x depth ratio means it can scan 100 metres ahead when there are only five metres of water beneath the boat.

The company says it outperforms rival products costing up to 10 times as much, but which can offer only an 8x depth ratio.

Its one-second refresh rate means information on hazards is displayed almost immediately, making journeys into uncharted waters safer.

MCI, in Holyrood Road, Creekmoor, has kept its business going throughout the pandemic.

It also provides specialist import, warehousing, distribution, sales and technical support for marine equipment manufacturers including Duarry liferafts, Bennett trim tabs, Groco marine hardware, Lasdrop shaft seals, Dr Shrink shrink wrapping and Rocna Anchors.