LULWORTH Rangers and Dorset Climbing joined forces on July 10 to remove the graffiti daubed on cliffs at Durdle Door.

A video posted on the Lulworth Rangers Facebook page showed a number of messages that had been left on the rockface by visitors at the popular beauty spot.

The Ranger team enlisted the help of Dorset Climbing who mounted the cliff face, buckets of water in hand, to remove the graffiti.

The volunteers scrubbed for a couple of hours on Friday afternoon until the various pieces of graffiti were removed.

Head Ranger, Maddy Pfaff said: "There was the usual love hearts and hashtags as well as slightly less encouraging pieces that were not politically correct. We do not want the Jurassic Coast to have that kind of imagery displayed on the cliffs. I was quite shocked that people treat the beautiful countryside in this manner.

"They are defacing a World Heritage Site."

This follows the copious amounts of litter that has been left at various beaches across Dorset - including Durdle Door - in recent weeks.

Litter, disposable barbecues and human faeces are just some of the things that have been left behind at the well-loved beauty spot.

On Friday, the organised volunteer group from Dorset Climbing, led by the Rangers, removed nine bags of rubbish from Stair Hole before moving on to Durdle Door and removing yet more rubbish as well as the graffiti.

Maddy added: "We hope our visitors behave in the future. Our aim is to ensure that the beach is a pristine environment for everyone to enjoy. Anything that goes to the beach must come back off."