HAVING recently finished my shift at Poole Hospital, I boarded an M2 bus. I had to go upstairs to find a seat as there were no spaces downstairs.

Following all the rules, I was wearing my face mask, settling into my seat, I realised that two other passengers in front of me one young and one elderly were not wearing any face masks, during the journey home three more young people boarded the bus without face masks, sat down upstairs at the back of the bus and continued the journey without wearing face masks.

Reaching my destination, I went downstairs to get off and observed another passenger wearing his face mask down below his chin.

I thought face masks were mandatory on all public transport with a few exceptions on health grounds.

I wear my face mask to protect others. Is it the job of the driver to ensure all passengers have a face mask before getting on the bus? Am I being pedantic or are people just ignorant of the current situation?


Gwynne Road, Poole