A DRIVER was caught speeding and sticking her middle finger up at officers on a Dorset road.

The Ford Focus driver was seen going over the speed limit on Ringwood Road, Poole, in front of an unmarked police car.

She then overtook officers by crossing chevrons on a nearby roundabout and a central white line on a road bend, before pulling back into the left lane and slowing down for the speed camera.

In a statement on social media, Dorset Police No Excuses said: "Today the driver of this Ford Focus was firstly seen speeding, driving without due [care] and attention, and then committing a public order offence by sticking her middle finger up towards us."

After she was caught speeding, police said they approached the silver Ford Focus car.

They said: "We were now on her offside in the outside lane, contemplating where to safely stop her. Then with no signal indication she kept looking over her right shoulder towards us as if she wanted to move right again.

"We then pulled alongside her to look at the driver, this is when for no apparent reason she stuck her middle finger up at us. At that point we switched the blue lights on and her face dropped.

"When stopped, she then initially said "I've had a bad day". She then tried saying we were being aggressive towards her."

But officers said their dash cam and body worn video "says differently".

The driver was issued with a fixed penalty and was given words of advice given about her actions.

Police added: "We are glad we were in our unmarked car to witness this poor driving and road rage first hand. Hopefully she will now think twice about her actions, slow down and concentrate on the road to get from A to B safely."