THE latest restaurant at Bournemouth's Triangle area has opened its doors to the public for the first time.

African-themed Zim Braai has opened at Poole Hill, at the site of the former Sorisso Italian Restaurant, which closed its doors for good earlier this year.

This is the second Zim Braai restaurant in the conurbation, with the first opening at Ashley Cross, Poole, towards the end of 2018. It was established by the co-founder of the Koh Thai brand.

Managing director Andy Lennox said: "Despite what has been the most difficult time in modern history in our industry we believe that our brand can flourish in the post Covid world and are so happy that despite literally everything going wrong we have managed to pull together and deliver a beautiful restaurant.

"We might just be the very first restaurant to open that was built during Covid.

"Our eyes are set firmly on the safeguard of the team and returning to profitability in the coming months whilst we also actively look to expand the group further.

"I am so proud of the team coming off furlough and getting stuck straight into the new world order, it’s a particularly awe-inspiring sight to see your team come together so professionally.

"We are Hospitality."

Zim Braai is a multi-award winning African inspired dining concept which incorporates the "healthy eating ideals of a balanced diet with the rich flavours of African cuisine all wrapped up in an exotic, exuberant atmosphere with an award winning service style."

Mr Lennox and the team held a socially distanced launch evening at the new premises on July 7.

The restaurant boasts a sun terrace which is coverable with an awning.

It will cater for more than 120 covers, post Covid restrictions.

The latest Zim Braai opened after securing a loan from Santander.

Speaking earlier this year, Mr Lennox said: "Following the resounding success of our first Zim Braai restaurant in Poole the concept has been incredibly well received and with the backing of Santander and a loyal legion of customers we feel the time is ready to get our second site.

"With the concept getting rave reviews, we’re really excited to see where it goes.”