A “WONDERFUL husband, dad, granddad and brother” has died aged 57, after he fell over during his walk to get dinner, an inquest heard.

Kieron Willis, of Abbott’s Way, Gillingham, died on February 2 at Salisbury District Hospital as a result of the fall, alongside a string of medical conditions.

It was heard at Wiltshire and Swindon Coroner’s Court that Kieron was on his way to get fish and chips on January 31 when his leg “gave way” and he fell.

Kieron’s wife, Angela, had been at bingo and found Kieron on the ground on her return. According to her statement, paraphrased by senior coroner David Ridley, an ambulance was then called and Kieron was taken to hospital.

The inquest heard he arrived at Salisbury District Hospital, between 10.45pm and 11.45pm.

It was then found that the fall had caused damage to Kieron’s right knee, ribs and collar bone, later resulting in a diagnosed clavicle fracture and respiratory failure.

It was heard he then “deteriorated overnight”, and was confirmed dead on the Sunday morning.

The inquest heard that Kieron’s other health conditions could have “increased the risk”, as well as a combination of medication and alcohol.

A statement from Kieron’s doctor, Jane Crutchfield, caused Mr Ridley to add that Kieron had been on “a substantial amount of medication”.

Mr Ridley added that “[there is] nothing you can do with a rib fracture”, later adding: “The fall resulted in damage to Kieron’s lungs, but they were not in a good [starting] condition in the first place.”

Kieron’s other medical conditions included chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, low blood pressure, and postural hypertension second to his medication. He also frequently smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol, the inquest heard.

The incident was defined in Doctor Robert Boyd’s statement as a “mechanical fall”, meaning a fall that was not medical or caused by a medical condition.

Mr Ridley concluded that the death was “one of accident”, adding that what had happened to Kieron “was not a deliberate act”, but also could be a combination of alcohol and other health-related issues.

In tribute to Kieron, Angela said: “For 38 years we were together, my honey bunny. Thank you for being you and my best friend.

“You were the most wonderful husband, dad, grandad [and] brother any of us could wish for. Always with us honey bunny until we meet again.

“Love and miss you every second of every day.”