A FILM company in Bournemouth is to bring to the screen the story of the UK’s first triple amputee to survive the Afghanistan conflict.

Royal Marine Commando Mark Ormrod was on a routine foot patrol on Christmas Eve, 2007, when he stepped on an improvised explosive device.

After losing his legs and one arm, he learned to walk on prosthetic legs and marched into a parade ground to receive his campaign medal just five months after the explosion.

He went on to win awards at the Invictus games and was described by Prince Harry as “Britain’s answer to Superman”.

Bournemouth-based DAL Productions, partnering with Ecaveo Capital Partners, will produce Man Down, based on his story.

Mr Ormrod said: “Three months into my posting to Afghanistan we were on a routine patrol when there was a huge explosion.

“I thought we had come under attack but as I tried to compose myself in preparation for fighting off the attack, I realised I wasn’t moving. Then as the sand and the dust settled, I looked down and I realised I’d stepped on a landmine – both of my legs were gone.”

DAL’s David Coleman said: “We are excited to be bringing such an incredible, courageous story to our audiences.

“Mark’s journey is an amazing story and this is reflected in the early work on our screenplay. We have plans for an exceptional cast, and this, coupled with the authenticity of the military action, accuracy of the medical drama and the touching but difficult nature of Mark’s recovery, means we are confident we will bring this outstanding story to life.”

Paul Forrest, producer for Ecaveo Capital Partners, said: “A film like this is an exceptional story for screen in which we will capture a balanced mix of action, drama, emotion, struggle and success.”

The deal was negotiated with Mark Ormrod by Mr Forrest and David and Lynn Coleman of DAL Productions.

Lynn Coleman said: “We are thrilled that DAL are working with Mark and Paul to bring this important story to a global audience and I am confident that collectively we can tell this story in a way that shows how tough it was for Mark and how his life changed as he became what Prince Harry famously described as ‘Britain’s answer to Superman’.”

Mr Ormrod said: “I’m thrilled at the chance to see my story played out on the big screen.

“I’m a film buff myself and I am most looking forward to becoming part of the production team bringing my story to life through film. I want this film to reflect my journey and to become a genuine and heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped to save my life.”

Production is expected to begin early next year, with a theatrical debut towards the middle of 2022.