NOW pubs and restaurants are opening and we can enjoy a pint and a meal out with family and friends, we should all be rejoicing.

Gyms, swimming pools and recreation centres are about to open and we know that we can relax on the beach with many thousands more without PPE, and with little danger of being taken to task.

Thankfully all seems to be gradually returning to normal. However, we must never forget those who succumbed to this awful virus and our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones.

Whilst so many are rejoicing at the relaxation of lockdown, please remember those that are still in danger.

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Some are suffering life threatening illnesses and have seen vital treatment or operations postponed. Then there are many thousands of others, myself included, who wait patiently for knee and hip replacements and who suffer unbelievable pain 24 hours of the day.

After nearly two years’ wait I was due to have the operation in March, only to have the procedure cancelled until further notice.

Every day, more join the queue for operations, leaving a very bleak future for our NHS.

No matter who you approach, there are no words of encouragement or hope.

Whilst we all welcome a return to some normality, just remember those who, through disability cannot go out and enjoy the pub.


Mount Road, Poole