I AM writing to say how disgusted I am at the attitude of the BBC over the TV licences for the over-75s. The over-75s worked all their lives and paid all their dues only for the BBC to give our money to the so called football pundits. Don’t they have enough money?

When our prime minister was asking for our support over Brexit, his words were that we, the people, were the bosses, and that he, and his cabinet were doing our bidding. So what has happened over these TV licences? Why can’t he back us on this and force the BBC to scrap these licences? Mind you, one way is for the TV manufacturers to remake TV sets without BBC input. Or if the BBC wants to be so avaricious then they could do what ITV companies do, and that is to have adverts, which would do away completely with all TV licences. It’s about time these companies were brought to account for all they do is give millions of pounds away to people who don’t need it. I wonder if I was to talk about football would the BBC give me all these millions? I think not.

It’s time to get rid of this evil licence all together. Once and for all. After all, people are still struggling to make ends meet. Why should pensioners have to go through a means test? It’s disgusting. How dare they? How low can they go?

Come on Boris, help us as we helped you with Brexit. You got what you wanted, now get us what we want and are entitled to.


New Orchard, Poole