PETER Treble, in Westbourne, prides itself on its top-class meat, award-winning sausages and that personal touch!

So we had a chat with the owner, Robert Watts who took over the business with his wife Sadie in 1998.

Bournemouth Echo:

The couple are now rearing their own sheep - keeping their lamb as local as you can get!

Peter Treble is a family operation which has secured a long and loyal following over the years.

Bournemouth Echo:

Rob said: “Every customer is important to us, regardless of how much, or how little they spend. When we first went into lockdown we quickly offered a free home delivery service. Many of our customers are in the high risk group and we knew they would benefit from delivery.

Bournemouth Echo:

"As lockdown restrictions have eased, we still have a high demand for deliveries and our new customers are returning.”

Before the coronavirus crisis hit, Rob supplied meat and poultry for local restaurants, pubs and care homes, so it was no surprise he was worried.

“At first we worried, like everyone, that we would really struggle,” said Rob.

"Much of our business came from pubs and local restaurants, so when they were ordered to close, we worried how business would be.

“When the country went into lockdown it was a confusing time. As a small business on the front line we had to adapt quickly to protect our staff and our customers. We had a policy of only two customers in the shop at a time, which led to long queues outside but people waited outside and observed a two metre distance.”

Bournemouth Echo:

The measures to keep people safe are still in place. Two people only are allowed in the shop, a social distance board is at the front of the counter to ensure people keep two metres apart. Shop staff are provided with gloves and face masks and wash their hands frequently with sanitizer.

It is clear Rob has placed his shop at the heart of the community forming strong bonds with customers.

Rob said: “I love the great relationship with customers and the great staff we have, which makes everyday a pleasure to work with them. Most staff are family and working together brings us closer.”

“We would like everyone that chose to shop with us over lockdown to continue using us. We are here for life and want to continue to help the community.

"I would like to give a big thank you to the staff that worked extremely hard over lockdown, coming into work on their days off, coming in early and staying longer.”

Mary Pampiglione nominated Peter Treble for Trader of the Week