‘RESPECT the Jurassic Coast’.

That’s the message from Lulworth Rangers after visitors daubed graffiti on the cliffs at Durdle Door beach.

A video posted on the Lulworth Rangers Facebook page shows a number of messages that had been left on the rockface at the popular beauty spot.

Lulworth Rangers said: “We welcome thousands of fantastic visitors each year. Most know how to behave sensibly and responsibly on the coastline.

“However, there are always a few who let the team down by thinking they should leave their mark and deface England’s ONLY natural World Heritage Site. This is not acceptable.”

It comes after criticism of the amount of litter left at the coast by beach-goers who have flocked to the beauty spot in their thousands over the past couple of months.

Images of the devastating impact of litter and rubbish left by inconsiderate beach-goers at Durdle Door circulated online.

Litter, disposable barbecues and human faeces were left behind by the selfish people travelling to the iconic Dorset beauty spot.