TWO Arts University Bournemouth Film graduates have been working with a former UN diplomat to create a digital exhibition exploring Covid-19 stories from across the world.

Earlier this year, AUB graduates Julia Alcamo and Dan Hodgson began their documentary production company Happenstance Films.

The outbreak of coronavirus shortly followed, resulting in the pair having to focus on a new project exploring Covid-19 in five languages across more than 70 countries.

Their project, entitled 'All We Have: Stories from the pandemic', is a digital exhibition that has seen the two postgraduates bolstered by an international team of creatives from countries across the globe; including India, Poland, USA, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

The company's co-founder, Julia Alcamo said: "What we’ve really noticed, is that in every interview we’ve conducted, the theme of self-reflection has come across quite significantly. Regardless of social background, Covid-19 has been a leveller in terms of us not being able to act in the same way as we once did. For some, that impact will be much more profound than others, but we’re all, in one way or another, having to adapt.

"From 13-year old Seamus home-schooling in Melbourne to singer-songwriter Marianne making peace with the place she turned her back on years ago, the pandemic has tripped up lives globally, and this project aims to tell the stories that you wouldn’t otherwise see or hear."

Fellow co-founder Dan Hodgson was able to bring former UN diplomat Minh Pham on board with the exhibition.

In his former role as a UN diplomat, the political commentator has worked across the globe in countries like Madagascar, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Laos.

Also behind the exciting exhibition is fellow AUB graduates Kajri Babbar, Anna Saridi, Ewa Ferdynus and Rhianne Baxter.

The online multimedia experience has so far seen the team interview Pakistani popstar-turned-politician Jawad Ahmad and former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, among many others.

'All We Have: Stories from the pandemic' has been featured on CNN Philippines and continues to gain further interest and support across social media.