WELL congratulations BCP Council, you have now completely destroyed what remains of the old High Street.

It now stands out as being yet another deserted, uninteresting part of old town Poole. Making it pedestrian only makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. What your ulterior motive is, no one with any intelligence can work out.

It has been put in place apparently under the guise of a Covid emergency. Really? Blocking it with posts now also means access to the emergency services impossible and should there be a major fire, a gas explosion or even just a heart attack victim, you may well have blood on your hands before too long.

The few remaining businesses have received no consideration, no consultation and now no deliveries are allowed after 10am. No access will be available for shops maintenance, repair vans or window cleaners. Disabled drivers have no access or parking either causing much distress to them. I would though like to congratulate you though on putting up some old strips of bunting. How very twee. BCP you are a total disgrace.


Taverner Close, Poole