A POOLE-based fine artist has a two year waiting list despite the difficult business climate.

For Jason Anderson, lockdown has provided him with the perfect opportunity to catch up on some work and plough his way through his extensive commissions list.

This includes, sketching and painting, painting the frames, framing his art and posting it out to customers.

However, Jason's clientele goes beyond local fine art enthusiasts as his colourful creations also caught the eye of global musician, Billie Eilish.

Jason was asked to design the cover for Billie's 2019 single 'everything i wanted' at the end of last year and was able to squeeze it into his busy schedule.

Jason said: "I was contacted over email and sent an image to use as inspiration. As Billie's music is quite ethereal and dreamy she knew what she wanted. I did think 'this is a bit of pressure' but you've got to trust your technique. Afterwards I was inundated with messages from fans.

"I didn't even know who Billie was until she contacted me."

When creating the single cover for Billie Eilish, Jason had only his inspiration and Billie's ideas to follow as he was not permitted to hear the song as it had not yet been released.

However, this proved not to be an issue for Jason who successfully produced Billie's vision, which may not have been possible if he was asked to paint the single cover now.

Jason said: "I like to change my colour palette so my painting would be a completely different piece if I did it now. I am so grateful for the opportunity Billie gave me. It still blows me away that they contacted me."

Following his moment of fame, Jason is now working on starting new projects which includes a series of paintings he will begin next month.

Jason added: "Hopefully I can return to the new normal. I will keep doing one painting after the next and just hope for the best."