HI-Di-Hi's Barry Howard had a difficult task when he judged the colourful floats at a carnival in Dorset.

The date was June 16, 1990, when he awarded first prize to the Tots and Terrors Playgroup whose members were dressed as the 101 Dalmatians. The float featured the youngest entrant – five-month old Megan Hillman, dressed as a puppy.

Little Rebecca Loveys was disappointed that Sunseeker Majorettes were not performing so marched on her own with the floats and did a single-handed baton twirling display.

Rebecca was among a variety of floats and walking entries which were led around the village by Wareham Marching Band, and a car containing Miss Creekmoor, 14-year-old Joanna Clark.

The carnival and fete raised funds for Creekmoor Community Association and a Cancer Trust.