CLLR Bartlett’s justifications for his support of the vote of no confidence (Letters, July 1) are unconvincing.

Echoing the Conservatives’ line that nobody voted for the Unity Alliance begs the question: did these councillors complain about their party’s coalition with the Liberal Democrats following the 2010 general election?

He says that “78 percent of all Bournemouth councillors are Conservatives and they have no representation on the cabinet at all”. True, but this percentage is an undeserved gift of the appallingly biased first-past-the-post voting system: the Conservatives got nowhere near 78 percent of Bournemouth votes and are in fact, vastly over-represented in the town. Further, all of the British government cabinet members are Conservative. Where are the representatives of other parties?

Cllr Bartlett knows that far from having “no alternative” after their supposedly generous offer of cooperation for the greater good was “flatly refused”, the Conservatives’ vote of no confidence motion was a product of toxic resentment at no longer being in control. They probably continue to dream of the ‘glory days’ under Bournemouth Borough Council when they held almost every single seat, despite half of those voting casting their ballots against them.


Throop Road, Bournemouth