A GIANT metal fish sculpture which will be used to promote recycling and single use plastics will be arriving in Bournemouth today.

Nellie the recycling fish will be positioned on Bournemouth Pier Approach, adjacent to Tourist Information Centre, throughout July, helping to collect all our plastic bottles and aluminium cans to recycle effectively.

The metal sculpture bin, a product of Hampshire based charity The Final Straw Solent, has been lent it to We Are The POWER, an environmental trust whose mission is to Protect our World – Educate, Restore (POWER).

Leave Only Footprints Engagement Coordinator Emily Fergusson said: “It’s great to see Nellie on the beach, I’ve no doubt the installation will definitely be a talking point.

“I hope people will consider the message about single use plastic and fill her up.”

The arrival of the two-metre-high recycling fish structure, made with reclaimed metals by Sailboat Trailers in Emsworth, has been being planned for weeks and will be installed at no cost to BCP Council.

It is hoped the structure will not only allow people to recycle, but to provide a visual representation of how much single use plastic is used by the public and educate people to use sustainable alternatives.

Founder of We Have the POWER Julia Davies said: “BCP Council have been great in supporting Nellie’s visit and the school competition at a time when BCP staff are all working extra hard to cope with an extraordinary number of visitors.”

The Final Straw Solent are letting Nellie help spread the message of recycling and the dangers of single use plastics this July before returning to Southampton.

Although the fish structure will be in Bournemouth on a temporary basis, We Are The POWER are looking to see if the public will support a permanent structure by the beach.

Julia added: “If you think we should have our very own recycling fish for our beaches, email BCP with heading ‘We want a recycling fish for BCP’ and put your suggested name for our fish in the email.”

BCP Council are also running a competition for local children to get involved in creating posters and signs to highlight and educate about littering and the harm it can have on our community and wildlife.

The winning entries will be turned into signs and displayed locally.

To find out more, visit https://www.bournemouth.co.uk/ideas-and-inspiration/leave-only-footprints.