RESIDENTS have called for action and better security after an aggravated burglary left a resident “black and blue”.

As reported, a 15-year-old boy from Bournemouth and a 19-year-old man from Christchurch were arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary at Sovereign Sheltered Housing Scheme at Trafalgar Court in Nelson Drive.

A male teenager banged on the door of two properties in the area and threatened occupants with a knife. Cash was also allegedly taken during the incident which occurred during the night on Saturday, June 27.

And Adrian Checketts, whose 99-year-old dad lives there and was victim to an arson attack in December, said this is the fifth attack in recent years.

He said: “They (Sovereign) have been running around trying to rectify all the things we have been asking them to do for an awful long time.

“We need CCTV if they can get it, better lighting if they can get it, even just a sign saying there is CCTV.

“They said they are going to give everybody chains for their doors, that’s still not a deterrent.

“Their repairs division is in chaos. There are three walls down which are depriving people of privacy and security.”

One resident was taken to A&E by her daughter after the aggravated burglary on Saturday, who says is now “black and bruised” with bruising.

The resident said the burglars told her the neighbour's bin was on fire, so she opened the door to help when they barged in with a knife.

“Residents are terrified,” Adrian continued.

“There are security issues and all they say is it is not urgent. People are so fed up with it.

“My dad is 99, I’m glad he wasn’t there when the burglary happened.

“Someone needs to come and see what is going on.

“We just want people to say what they are going to do.

“The residents are old but they’re not stupid, they are being treated as both.”

Andrew Heath, housing services manager for Sovereign, said: “We were concerned to hear about this incident and appreciate how unsettling it was for our residents.

“Our thoughts are with the people who live at Trafalgar Court, especially those who were targeted because we want them to feel safe in their homes.

“We’ve been in contact with Mr Checketts to discuss his concerns and we’ve called all of our residents at the scheme to check that they are OK.

“We’re also making sure that all front doors have effective safety chains - and that our residents know how to use them.

“We’ve also fixed a problem with some external lighting and will look into further security measures for the scheme. We’ll continue to work closely with the police as they investigate.”