DORSET is averaging around one new positive case of Covid-19 a day in each of the Dorset Council and BCP Council areas, the director of Public Health Dorset has said.

Sam Crowe, director of public health for Dorset and BCP Councils, revealed the latest figure in a video published on Public Health Dorset’s YouTube channel on Monday.

Mr Crowe said: “Currently we’re experiencing very low numbers of cases. We’re averaging about one new positive case a day in each of the councils which is great news. And it certainly feels like we’re over the pandemic now.”

He thanked residents for playing their part in following government guidance on social distancing, hand washing and staying at home as much as possible to help beat the virus.

However, he urged people to remember that we’re still “living with the virus” and that vigilance was needed as more businesses start to reopen.

Mr Crowe said: “Obviously we’re now in a phase where we’re starting to open up. We’re starting to see more and more businesses and work places open up which is great news. I know that it’s been very frustrating for people, particularly those of you who have been cooped up without access to good outdoor space.

“But as we open up it’s still really important that we remember we’re still living with the virus. And one of the things the public health team is doing with both councils is developing outbreak management plans that set out how we respond to the first signs of any increase in local cases. So we’re being very, very vigilant, looking for the early signs of any increase in cases. I’d also ask the public to do the same.”

Mr Crowe added: “Please continue to play your part. You’ve all done fantastically well in following the guidance. It is still important we maintain social distance, it’s still important that we remember that the virus is still here so please continue to wash your hands. Please limit the amount of time that you spend in contact with other households and do keep adhering to the government guidance wherever you can.”

A total of 155 patients have died with coronavirus in Dorset's hospitals.