A DRIVER approached police officers conducting speed checks to complain about them using an unmarked car.

Officers in the Dorset Police No Excuse team were checking speeds along Ringwood Road in Bearcross.

They recorded a BMW travelling 69mph in a 40 zone and reported them to court but were then approached by a driver.

A post on the No Excuse Facebook page said: “A young male driver then approached our unmarked car on foot. Turns out he had driven by, seen us using our handheld laser and didn't like it. He had then driven around the block, parked in a side street and approached us on foot.

“Our window was down and in a raised rude voice, whilst looking up and down at the police car, he shouted ‘what are you doing, you are not allowed to point a laser out the window at us in this unmarked car, there are no signs.

“He repeated this a couple of times, all whilst stood in the middle of the live carriageway.

“For his safety we got out and moved him back, where he was offered words of advice.

“He sensibly then returned to his car, shaking his head and drove away. We are not sure if he is going to make an official complaint or not.

“We also think he was probably speeding and maybe we missed him. Hopefully however we have raised his awareness and he will think twice before speeding if he was.

“We think this kind of tactic is required so we can record a true reflection of what the minority of drivers do wrong on our roads.”