POLICE were "appalled" after stopping a BMW driver travelling 114mph in Poole.

Officers in the Dorset Police No Excuse team caught the driver in the 50mph section of the Dorset Way dual carriageway.

A post on the No Excuse Facebook page said: "This section of the road is restricted to 50mph so that's some 128 per cent over the speed limit.

"We believe the driver was showing off to his passengers and when stopped he immediately said 'I've been an idiot.

"What can we say to that? Staying professional.

"To make things worse we then also noted the cord was showing on one of his tyres.

"Again we will never know what we've prevented but if he'd lost control at that speed, the outcome could have been a lot different.

"We do what we do because we want people to get from A - B safely. It's a sad part of our job dealing with serious collisions and informing families afterwards.

"How do we get the message out there? Please slow down."

The driver will now appear at court.