TRAVELLERS who set up an encampment at Avon Heath Country Park have been allowed to stay but warned about anti-social behaviour.

A spokesperson for Dorset Council said they allowed them to stay until July 4 which was agreed.

The spokesperson said: “Our gypsy and traveller liaison officer, with a police officer, visited the site this morning (June 25).

“They spoke to the travellers. It was decided that at this this time no police action could be taken and we would tolerate the encampment for a short time.

“They were offered the transit site with a location map but they have refused to go voluntarily.

“We emphasised that if any tipping or any other anti-social behaviour occurred there would be a strong possibility the police would do a section 62.

“We negotiated a stay with them until July 4th when campsites would then be open, and they said they would happily move off the park then.”