DORSET can't cope: That's the message from Bournemouth's two MPs after chaotic scenes on the beach during the heatwave.

Tobias Ellwood and Conor Burns have called for urgent help after tens of thousands of people squeezed on to packed beaches causing fights and leaving the sands strewn with litter.

Bournemouth Echo:

Teenagers risked their lives jumping off the pier and the crowds ignored social distancing guidelines risking a further spike in coronavirus cases.

Mr Ellwood, Bournemouth East MP, said Dorset Police needs help from other forces across the country.

Bournemouth Echo:

He said alcohol sales should be restricted in shops near the beaches and road closures should be put in place to discourage people from over-crowding and dangerous parking.

Bournemouth West MP Mr Burns said there should be tougher penalties for illegal parking and updated guidance on travelling to popular areas such as beaches and National Parks.

Bournemouth Echo:

Both have now written to government minsters asking for help for the area.

Bournemouth Echo:

Mr Ellwood said: "Dorset can't cope. Lives are being put in danger and it absolutely has to be addressed.

"Dorset beaches have been deluged by visitors coming from across the country and it is clear from the sale of the situation that the local authorities and the police can't cope.

"If there were a big event in London, police there would call in help from other forces and that is what we need here. Wider national assets must be brought in to help."

Bournemouth Echo:

Mr Burns said illegal parking has made the area "exceptionally dangerous" and added: "It present a real challenge for emergency vehicles and pedestrians."

He added: "I am writing to ministers asking for differential fine levels for popular areas such as approach roads to the beach.

Bournemouth Echo:

"We should also look at clamping or towing vehicles away - we need a real deterrent.

"This virus has not gone away so we need updated guidance. The pictures from the beach are obscene and local authorities can only respond based on guidance from government."