I HAVE been copied in to various mailings on the difficult subject of cycling on the promenade.

Historically, the promenades were not built with cycling in mind and it is only since the coronavirus scare that cycling has increased enormously and has created a serious danger on parts of the promenade during much of the day .

Not only do people cycle but various forms of motorised transport are now used and at times the promenades have become fast racetracks. This is unsafe for pedestrians, particularly little children, running in and out of huts.

Personally, I feel there should be a proper sharing arrangement with cycling allowed, not from 9am but 10am each day until 5pm. This could extend for the whole period from May 1 until September 30 each year. A clear cut arrangement such as this would give ample time for cyclists to get to and from work and exercise generally. This would be fair to both parties.

The promenades could then become safe for pedestrians and children from 10am-5pm every day. I feel that would create a fair sharing arrangement to the benefit of all.

Access points for cycles should also restricted to safe routes and not narrow chines like Canford Cliffs and Branksome Dene.

Serious money needs to be invested by BCP to ensure that with any arrangement there are proper notices and controls in place, such as electronic signs, notices, barriers and occasional police presence.

You cannot expect beach staff to safely control the situation without outside support. A system of enforcement is vital and could be costly. Discipline is not good these days and a system of s penalties could not be put into force without legislation. In the meantime, the promenades will remain dangerous and accidents will continue.


Poole Beach Huts Association

Frankland Crescent, Poole