The most prized asset of this area is the beach and what a dogs dinner the BCP Council is making of it.

Under the excuse of staff shortage which is difficult to believe almost every aspect of beach life is a complete joke.

Very few toilets open which has caused many problems already highlighted in the Echo particularly with the rear area behind beach huts being used for the service which the toilets should provide.

A dearth of waste bins which is difficult to comprehend resulting in piles of abandoned bags and loose trash spreading everywhere.

Now the problems caused by speeding jet skiers.

Where will it all end?

The biggest problem in my humble opinion is none of these but the subject of speeding cyclists.

I have questioned the staff who ride in vans along the promenade as to what is being done to deal with this and so far no answer other than on one occasion I was told that as Boris Johnson is keen to promote cycling it is to be encouraged.

Let me make a worrying prediction.

It is not too long before a serious injury is going to be caused by one of these thoughtless speeding cyclists.

The Tour de France has been cancelled but take a seat on the front between Branksome and Sandbanks and you will see that it is being held there.

I have never seen so many speeding cyclists most wired for music and oblivious to pedestrians and more significantly toddlers.

I do not have the answer to this problem other than to ban cycling altogether which would be a shame but if cyclists cannot be more aware it may have to come to that.

I really hope that my fears of a serious accident do not come true.

A Burden

Catalina Drive