THROUGHOUT the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, Dorset Mind has been keen to educate and raise awareness of mental health issues – which include those arising from the crisis.

To help emphasise the importance of mental health, Dorset Mind enlisted the help of local artist Timo Peach during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Timo Peach has written and produced an original song and music film entitled ‘Pandemonstrate’.

He aims to raise vital donations for the charity and to bring awareness to the issues that people are increasingly facing.

'Pandemonstrate' considers the strange experience of lockdown and highlights the need for reliable and professional local mental health support like that from Dorset Mind.

Timo Peach said: "As a music maker and a creative, I’m interested in how ordinary we can find empowering ways to engage with the complex story we find ourselves part of now, in such times of transition and change. I’m convinced that allowing ourselves to explore creativity and artistic responses to the worlds around us and within us can help us write whole new stories of us – but I think it starts by acknowledging it’s all pretty overwhelming."

CEO of Dorset Mind, Marianne Storey added: "One in four people will have a mental health diagnoses in their lifetime – but we believe that the Covid-19 outbreak has had a significant detrimental impact on many people’s wellbeing.

"Going forward, we believe creativity and the arts will play a significant role in helping people recover from, or talk about, their mental health problems and the issues triggered by the crisis. Timo’s song is a creative way to start the process of thinking about the times we’re in."

To purchase 'Pandemonstrate', visit:

100 per cent of donations raised by the sale of the song will go to help support the vital work of Dorset Mind locally in Dorset.