A MOTORIST speeding at 100mph on a Dorset road while using a spare tyre was among drivers caught by police last week.

Dorset Police's No Excuse road safety team were out this week patrolling roads that they have received complaints about. They have been issuing fines for speeding, seizing vehicles and reporting drivers to court.

One of the worst cases this week was a driver of a Ford Focus, who was first witnessed speeding 100mph on the A35. When stopped, police were surprised to find a space saver tyre fitted. A No Excuse spokesman said: "After pointing this out to the driver he didn't seem concerned that it was limited to 50mph (as clearly marked on the tyre's side wall). This driver was reported to court."

A Ford Focus was seized on Ringwood Road in Longham after it was first recorded travelling at 60mph in a 40mph zone.

A No Excuse spokesman added: "This driver was on his way to Andover to visit his friends, the trouble was he'd cancelled his insurance a few months ago and he hadn't paid tax since August 2019. He stated he couldn't afford either and he'd only used the vehicle a couple of times in this period. He also asked if it was ok to leave the car by the roadside so he could insure and tax it later. We are sorry but we couldn't allow that. Vehicle seized and driver reported to court."

On Friday the team seized a Ford Transit hire van.

Police said: "The person who hired the vehicle thought it was ok to allow the driver to drive it with no driving licence or insurance and six points already on his record for the same thing earlier this year. The driver stated: 'I don't normally drive the vehicle I pay a driver.' We don't believe him. Driver reported back to court."

Later the same day on Sandbanks Road in Poole several young male drivers were reported for speeding. This road is limited to 30mph. One of the drivers only passed his test three months ago and already held three points for speeding.

Police said he seemed quite upset when he was reminded about the consequences of the six point rule in the first two years.

Another young motorbike rider was recorded doing 49mph. Police said: "We also witnessed him going around a bend dangerously leaning over, with his left leg and foot close to the road. He stated: 'Sorry, I didn't look at the speedometer as I was rushing home because I don't like the rain.'"