OFFICERS seized four cars for no insurance in the same area of Bournemouth.

Members of the Dorset Police No Excuse team were operating in the West Howe and East Howe areas on Saturday.

The four drivers were all reported to court or given fixed penalties of six points and £300 fines as well as recovery fess.

The first car seized was a BMW 320D on Ringwood Road. This car was only insured to a female but was being driven by a male. The driver reportedly said he thought he was insured on his car to drive other vehicles but he was not.

While the BMW was being recovered, the automatic number plate recognition system flagged a Mercedes with no insurance or tax. A check when stop close by in Poole Lane show they had expired in February. The driver reportedly said he had not paid it because of the COVID situation.

Around two minutes later, offcers were altered to an uninsured Ford Fiesta in Kinson Road. This driver also stated it was because of the COVID situation the insurance payment had bounced.

While the recovery agent was still loading the Ford, a Peugeot on the opposite side of the road came to the team's attention. It was also one was only insured to a female with a young male driver. Turns out this was the son of the owner who had borrowed the car on his own to nip to the shop. He only held a provisional licence having just sat his theory test. He was reported to court for both alleged offences.