A WOMAN who stole from two stores on three occasions in the space of a week has been jailed.

Emma Louise McIndoe stole baby milk, sunglasses and make-up the Boots store in Station Road, New Milton on June 5, despite being barred from the shop by the courts.

She also took cosmetics and baby products from the store the previous day and £28.85 worth of groceries from Tesco in Lymington Road, Highcliffe, on June 1.

McIndoe, aged 29 and of Andrew Lane, Ashley, New Milton, appeared before magistrates in Southampton on June 8.

The defendant admitted three theft offences and two criminal behaviour order breaches and was jailed for four weeks.

These crimes were committed during the operational period of a suspended sentence, issued by the bench on May 26 for a theft from McColl’s in New Milton earlier that month

Magistrates activated the 12-week suspended sentence to run consecutively, meaning McIndoe’s overall length of prison sentence is 16 weeks.