A FATHER has told how armed police pointed guns at his two-year-old daughter during a raid on his Bournemouth home.

He says it happened when firearms officers surrounded his home early on Thursday morning.

As reported, officers executed a warrant at an address in King John Avenue, Bearwood, as part of what Dorset Police described as an “ongoing investigation”.

However, the resident said no one in the property was arrested and officers only seized two phones from the house.

He told the Daily Echo: “It was a complete shock. They have not explained why they came here.

“No one has apologised. All I would ask or expect is fair treatment on my family. I haven’t done anything wrong, which is proven by the fact that I haven’t been arrested.

“Things can happen to me, but for a woman and child it is disgusting.

“I would love to know what details they had to make them come here. They said they had intel but they didn’t realise there was a kid in the house. The first thing that should have happened is the woman and the kid should have been ushered out of the house.”

The father said police smashed the glass next to the front door and had the house surrounded by officers.

“I went downstairs barefoot and said there is a two-year-old child in the house, can you put the gun down and let her out but they didn’t," he said.

“They told me to open the door and then they got hold of me.

“Even though they left the house, they pointed the gun at my daughter and my missus.

“They ransacked the house. They detained me for the search. They seized two iPhones and didn’t find anything they were looking for.

“It is disgusting really. Everyone in the road was outraged at the way my missus and my daughter got treated.”

Police blocked off the road during the incident and were at the house for around two hours.

The father said their neighbours have been very supportive.

He said his daughter woke up screaming in the night and since the incident she has said “the nasty man broke the glass with the guns”.

“She is two years old. She should not be subjected to that,” he said. “Whatever intelligence they have got, if they are trained specialists in firearms, they do not need to have a gun pointed at a woman and a two-year-old.

He added: “They left house with piles of glass everywhere, trampled through the house. I have hoovered the house three times and found glass in my daughter’s room."

Residents contacted the Daily Echo this week about other raids in the West Howe area, as well as Darby's Lane, Poole.

Dorset Police did not answer specific questions about the King John Avenue warrant when asked on Thursday, citing "operational reasons" for the reason why they could not give more details.

Discussing the execution of several warrants in the past few days, a force spokeswoman said: "Officers have been carrying out a series of warrants in relation to an ongoing investigation into a drugs supply network in the Bournemouth and Poole area between June 2 and June 4. A quantity of cash and drugs has been seized.

"A number of people have been arrested on suspicion of drugs offences. They have all been released on police bail pending further enquiries."

A statement from Dorset Police regarding claims made by the resident said: "The warrant was conducted as part of a wider ongoing investigation linked to a drugs supply network that has involved a number of arrests and seizure of property.

"It was carried out by fully trained firearms officers wearing body worn video cameras for accountability and at no stage was a firearm pointed toward a child.

"Dorset Police has received no formal complaint in relation to this matter."