I SHOULD like to take Anne Filer’s blatantly political critical analysis of the performance of the present BCP Unity Alliance’s handling of the current pandemic crisis to task. Her assertion that “Experience is essential” is a complete myth in the current circumstances.

No authority in the country has had to deal with matters of this enormity, probably in living memory and she does not help matters by assuming her years of experience dealing with local problems in Bournemouth would be preferable to the endeavours of the present administration.

She complains of not being consulted. Did she unconditionally offer her services to help all of us through these extremely difficult times, or was there still resentment that, after years of dominating the local political scene, her party was destined to be in opposition when the new, extended authority was elected?

It is surely necessary for us all to work together to find ways to beat the virus, both nationally and locally, putting aside local differences and concentrating on defeating Convid-19, saving lives and returning our lives to a new normal as soon as possible.

We have seen, nationally, the efforts to tackle the crisis briefly set aside whilst an individual who blatantly disregards the rules we were all expected to adhere to, is defended for his misdemeanour by friends in the highest offices in government!

Surely we should be able to rely on the best people to find a way through this, irrespective of their political allegiance. The call for a vote of confidence will only create an unwanted distraction and disarray within the local government structure which is working its way through uncharted waters. Talk, consult, offer assistance and support, that is the way forward; set aside biased views and resentments and together face the enormous problems we have with a united front.

Is that too much to ask?


Kennart Road, Poole