THE FIRE service was called to an unattended fire half way between Potterne Park and the solar panel farm in Verwood involving a lorry tyre and several car tyres.

Two fire crews from Verwood Fire Station attended for two hours.

A post on the Verwood Fire Station Facebook page said: “The fire was in an area that can only be described as a camp.

“More worryingly it involved a lorry tyre and several car tyres. It had spread to a tree and an area of undergrowth.

“There was an aerosol there too. Due to the location it took a long time to get access to the fire with the land rover.

“I hope that whoever was responsible for this understands the gravity of their actions.

“Two fire appliances tied up for two hours, the risk to the crew if the aerosol had of exploded, the life changing burns that the person would have received.

“The risk to themselves and the environment had the fire spread into the field and then the forest.

“This can only have been deliberate.

“Thank you to the vigilant members of the public for reporting it.”