A POOLE NHS worker has expressed her frustration after a parking ticket was "stuck right over the permit" in her windscreen.

Hattie Pask, a medicines management technician, finished her shift at Poole Hospital to find that she had been issued a parking ticket, despite having a parking permit in her windscreen.

The 47-year-old from Bournemouth explained that she had parked her car on St Mary's Road, Poole, in one of the five available spaces next to the BP petrol station on May 28.

When she returned from her shift, she found a parking ticket had been issued at 8.38am.

The reason cited "parked without clearly displaying a valid permit where required", however Hattie has claimed that the ticket was slapped over the top of her parking permit.

The ticket has also left a "sticky mess" on her windscreen due to the heat.

She said: "The ticket was stuck right over the permit. The warden would have seen the permit when giving me the ticket.

"Also, I registered my vehicle as belonging to a key worker at the start of the pandemic, and was therefore allowed to park where I did without a permit."

She added: "I usually get public transport into work but made the decision to drive to and from work as soon as lockdown was announced.

"I am in the process of challenging the ticket.

"I am going to find out how to make a claim for the cost of cleaning my car. It looks horrible and is very embarrassing."

Councillor Andy Hadley, BCP Council cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said:“We are unable to comment on individual cases but where a person believes a Parking Charge Notice has been misapplied we would urge the individual concerned to follow the normal process and appeal as per the instructions on its reverse or to do so via our website.

“We introduced our key worker parking Scheme to recognise the important role key workers have played in our community and we are pleased that so many people have been able to take advantage of the scheme.

"Our new critical worker scheme will continue to allow staff working directly in the NHS, social or health care to access a nominated parking space for free and we would urge such workers to visit our website for full details.”